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The Baby Name Wizard, 2019 Revised 4th Edition

  • Author : Laura Wattenberg
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2013-05-07
  • Total pages :544
  • ISBN : 077043648X

Summary : NEW 2019 EDITION A fully revised and updated version of the classic baby name guide, featuring updated trends, facts, ideas, and thousands of enchanting names! Your baby’s perfect name is out there. This book will help you find it. The right baby name will speak to your heart, give your child a great start in life—and maybe even satisfy your relatives. But there’s no shortage of names to choose from, and you can’t expect to just stumble upon a name like that in an A-to-Z dictionary. Enter the revised and updated fourth edition of The Baby Name Wizard. This ultimate baby-name guide uses groundbreaking research and computer-generated models to create a visual image for each name, examine its usage and popularity over the last one hundred years, and suggest other specific and promising name ideas. Each unique “name snapshot” includes a rundown of style categories the name belongs to, nickname options, variants, pronunciations, prominent examples, and names with a similar style and feeling. This new edition also contains expanded sections on popular names and style lists. A perfect, up-to-date guide to the modern world of names, The Baby Name Wizard will delight you from the first name you look up and keep you enchanted through your journey to finding the just-right name for your baby.

The Baby Name Wizard

  • Author : Laura Wattenberg
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2005
  • Total pages :353
  • ISBN : 0767917529

Summary : An innovative guide to selecting the perfect name for one's child, using a buyer's guide approach that helps parents ask the right questions to choose a name specifically tailored to personal taste.

The Baby Name Wizard

  • Author : Larry Johnson
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2019-09
  • Total pages :180
  • ISBN : 9781951643058

Summary : Are you looking for the perfect name for your baby? Choosing a name for a baby sounds like a simple task, but in reality, it's much more complicated than that. The name of your baby will be with him forever, and if your baby is meaningful to you, then you should come up with a creative, meaningful name, that will symbolize the importance of the baby to you and to your relationship. In this outstanding book, you will get a list of hundreds of baby names, with full explanations about their meaning, their origin, and what makes them unique. Here's what you will find inside: Full list of baby names for boys & girls The most popular baby names The meanings of names and their origins Inspiring baby names from Hindu Traditional names that maintain popularity And much, much more... It is not too trite to say that by choosing a name that is right for your child you thereby provide the pathway to their future. The name you pick will be the one, with some exceptions, that they will have for the rest of their lives. Choose the right name now, so they don't have to change it later.

The Baby Name Wizard

  • Author : Laura Wattenberg
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2009-07-07
  • Total pages :400
  • ISBN : 0767931599

Summary : Yes, your baby’s perfect name is out there. The trick is finding it. The perfect baby name will speak to your heart, give your child a great start in life—and maybe even satisfy your relatives. But you can't expect to just stumble on a name like that in an A to Z dictionary or on a trendy list. That’s why you need The Baby Name Wizard. Created by a name-searching mom, it uses groundbreaking research and computer generated models to pinpoint each name’s image, examine its usage and popularity over the last 100 years, and suggest other promising ideas. A perfect guide to the modern world of names, The Baby Name Wizard will engage you from the first name you look up and keep you enchanted through your journey to the just-right name for your baby.

The Complete Book of Baby Names

  • Author : Lesley Bolton
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2009
  • Total pages :673
  • ISBN : 1402253958

Summary : Looks at the history of baby names, provides lists of names based on popular themes, and presents entries that include definitions and variations.

The Name Book

  • Author : Dorothy Astoria
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2008-11-01
  • Total pages :320
  • ISBN : 1441202331

Summary : Baby-naming has become an art form with parents today, but where do parents go to find names and their meanings? The Name Book offers particular inspiration to those who want more than just a list of popular names. From Aaron to Zoe, this useful book includes the cultural origin, the literal meaning, and the spiritual significance of more than 10,000 names. An appropriate verse of Scripture accompanies each name, offering parents a special way to bless their children.

The One-in-a-million Baby Name Book

  • Author : Jennifer Moss
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2008
  • Total pages :609
  • ISBN : 9780399534300

Summary : Lists possibilities for baby names in alphabetical order, and includes information on the origin of each name, its popularity, and its meaning.

The Most Unusual, Noble, and Beautiful Baby Names

  • Author : Cornelia Ford
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2018-03-14
  • Total pages :204
  • ISBN : 9781980559689

Summary : Upd.6: Over 2000 copies sold. Thank you very much! #1 Pregnancy Books THIRD Edition is out NOW! We added even more beautiful and unique baby names. Hello to all pregnant ladies and expecting dads. My name is Cornelia and I'm the proud mother of two wonderful girls (Serena and Adeline). When I was pregnant, I spent a lot of time searching for unique and beautiful names for girls. And so the idea of this book was born. First of all, I want to say that this book is not just another "list of 1000000+ baby names with 1 word as a description." In this material, I collected only the most unusual, nontrivial, noble, "exotic" and beautiful names, and tried to describe in detail the history of their origin and their meaning. After reading this book, you will be able to choose a truly great and unique name for your child, as well as learn something new from the Bible, Greek myths, legends, sagas, and world history. Have a great time. Couple examples from the book: Eric (AIR-ik) is a male given name derived from the Old Norse Eiríkr (ei (ever, always) + ríkr (ruler)). Scandinavian legend relates that the explorer Leif Ericson (son of Erik the Red, the founder of the first Norse settlement in Greenland and Thjodhild, both of Norwegian origin) landed on the shores of America nearly four centuries years before Christopher Columbus arrived in 1492. Around A.D. 1000, Eriksson sailed to Norway, where King Olaf I converted him to Christianity. According to one school of thought, Eriksson sailed off course on his way back to Greenland and landed on the North American continent, where he explored a region he called Vinland. He may also have sought out Vinland based on stories of an earlier voyage by an Icelandic trader. After spending the winter in Vinland, Leif sailed back to Greenland, and never returned to North American shores. He is generally believed to be the first European to reach the North American continent. This common Norse name was first brought to England by Danish settlers during the Anglo-Saxon period. It was not popular in England in the Middle Ages, but it was revived in the 19th century, in part due to the children's novel "Eric, or Little by Little" (1858) by Frederic William Farrar. Luna (LOO-nah) is a female given name derived from the Latin luna (the moon). She was the Roman mythological goddess of the moon and is equated with the Greek Selene (goddess of the moon; daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia, and sister of the sun-god Helios, and goddess of the dawn, Eos). Closely mapping her Greek incarnation, Luna rode her white chariot across the sky wearing the moon as her crown to illuminate the night as she traveled to be with her mortal husband Endymion. She was an important deity to the Romans since they depended upon the moon for calculating the time (i.e., the lunar calendar). Zion (ZYE-on) is a male given name of Hebrew origin, meaning "highest point." Zion is a biblical term for the "promised land." For Rastafarians it means "heaven on Earth" and it is also widely associated with the drive for a Jewish homeland and with the ideals of the Mormon Church. A zion was a citadel that was in the center of Jerusalem, which explains why it means "highest point." Samsara is a very unique female given name. Saṃsāra is a Sanskrit word for the repetitive cycle of death and rebirth. It encompasses the concept of reincarnation and the fact that what an individual does in their current life will be reflected, through karma, in their future lives. The literal translation of samsara would be "a wandering through." This refers to the way in which everyone passes through a number of lives and states. Tags: baby name books with meanings 2019, unique baby name book 2019 with meanings, unique baby names book 2019, baby name wizard book 2019.

A World of Baby Names

  • Author : Teresa Norman
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2003
  • Total pages :625
  • ISBN : 9780399528941

Summary : A selection of more than thirty thousand baby names from around the world includes regional, ethnic, and cultural listings, along with alternate spellings and pronunciations, historical information, etymology, and derivations.

Don't Name Your Baby

  • Author : David Narter
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2001-06
  • Total pages :160
  • ISBN : 9781581821918

Summary : An alphabetical listing of names from Ashley to Jessica to Michael to Ryan includes commentary on why each name is a bad choice, and provides such categories as "names to keep your girl jobless" and "the dot com revolution."

The Wizards of Once

  • Author : Cressida Cowell
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2017-09-19
  • Total pages :384
  • ISBN : 1444936719

Summary : From the bestselling author of How to Train Your Dragon comes an exciting high-adventure series - set in an ancient, magical time, full of Wizards, Warriors, Giants and Sprites. Winner of the Blue Peter Book Award This is the story of a young boy Wizard and a young girl Warrior who have been taught since birth to hate each other like poison; and the thrilling tale of what happens when their two worlds collide. Perfect for boys and girls who love fantasy adventure... Once there was Magic, and the Magic lived in the dark forests. Until the Warriors came... Xar is a Wizard boy who has no Magic, and will do anything to get it. Wish is a Warrior girl, but she owns a banned Magical Object, and she will do anything to conceal it. In this whirlwind adventure, Xar and Wish must forget their differences if they're going to make it to the dungeons at Warrior Fort. Where something that has been sleeping for hundreds of years is stirring...

100,000+ Baby Names

  • Author : Bruce Lansky
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2019-07-09
  • Total pages :576
  • ISBN : 0306922983

Summary : The most helpful, complete, and yearly up-to-date name book What's new about names? The new edition of 100,000+ Baby Names by Bruce Lansky features the most up-to-date lists of names, trends, advice, and fascinating facts about names, including: Hundreds of newly popular names and variations The latest list of top 100 names for boys and girls The latest naming trends: what's hot and what's not The most rapidly rising and falling top 1,000 names Updated lists of names to consider, including names of newly famous people and fictional characters The most popular gender-neutral names and their rates of use (more for boys, more for girls, or 50/50) New (and classic) celebrity baby names And our list of names from around the world keeps growing! Here you'll find more than 100,000 names--complete with origins, meanings, variations, and famous namesakes. You'll find names from major linguistic and ethnic groups of origin, including English (19,000 names), Latin (11,000 names), Greek (11,000 names), American (11,000 names), Hebrew (9,000 names), Hispanic (9,000 names), French (8,000 names), Irish (7,000 names), and German (6,000 names)--plus thousands of Scottish, Welsh, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Scandinavian, Polish, Native American, Hawaiian, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Australian/Aboriginal, African, and Hindi names. The list features unique spellings of popular names that are catching on, plus newly popular names and variations not listed in other books and websites.

Best Baby Names 2020

  • Author : Siobhan Thomas
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2019-08-01
  • Total pages :496
  • ISBN : 1473573920

Summary : Choosing a name for your baby has never been easier. Deciding on a name is one of the most exciting decisions you’ll make ahead of your new arrival but with so much choice it can be daunting to know where to start. Best Baby Names 2020 is full of inspirational names for your new baby. Whether you want a classic or a modern name or you don’t know either way this book will give you an A-Z of 9,000 possibilities. With advice and tips on how to choose the best name for your baby, how to approach relatives and all their opinions and the latest trends, you can find the ideal name and feel confident in your choice.

The Best Baby Names Treasury

  • Author : Emily Larson
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2011
  • Total pages :638
  • ISBN : 140226030X

Summary : Featuring more than 100,000 names, this ultimate keepsake for expectant parents also includes quotes from real parents about the names they chose, why and what they would do over. Original.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

  • Author : L. Frank Baum
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2013-01-25
  • Total pages :134
  • ISBN : 1780941226

Summary : Travel to the land of Oz with Dorothy and find out what inspired the forthcoming film blockbuster Oz: The Great and Powerful