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The Winners' Circle

  • Author : Gail Bowen
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2018-07-10
  • Total pages :272
  • ISBN : 077102407X

Summary : Book 17 of the nationally bestselling Joanne Kilbourn series is classic Gail Bowen: masterfully compelling storytelling that combines a modern, urban family with a gripping, satisfying mystery. As Joanne Kilbourn-Shreve, her husband, Zack, and their soon-to-be seventeen-year-old daughter, Taylor, rush through the rain from their cottage to their car, the Thanksgiving weekend they just spent at the lake with Zack's law partners is already slipping away, burnished into memory as pleasantly as the hundreds of other weekends the Falconer-Shreve families have shared at Lawyers' Bay. Thoughts of the weekend past will now focus on the future and be prefaced by the words "next time." Within weeks, a triple homicide will rip apart the lives of those related to the lawyers who, at the end of their first year in law school, only half-jokingly styled themselves "The Winners' Circle." Dazed by grief, Joanne will seek answers to an impossible question: "Why did they die?" The facts behind the suicide of Christopher Altieri, known by his law partners as "the conscience of The Winners' Circle," appear to provide insights, but for Joanne those insights raise new, unsettling questions. Knitting this powerful narrative together is Joanne's unshakeable belief that the only thing worse than knowing is not knowing.

The Winners' Circle

  • Author : Mary Jo Slonaker
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2010-07
  • Total pages :228
  • ISBN : 9781449054311

Summary : David and Ducky Schopmeyer dreamed of following harness racing's Grand Circuit with the horses since they were teenagers. With two children, a huge investment in farming equipment and livestock, the dream seemed impossible. When Bill Bueller came home from California, he offered to give David a five-year old Standardbred race mare. Her name was Sunny Rose. This is where the story starts. They follow Sunny Rose from race tracks and fairgrounds in the Midwest all summer. There are grumpy old men, families with children, race drivers and many events that makes this book exciting to read.

In the Winners Circle

  • Author : Susan Valentine
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2017-06-29
  • Total pages :66
  • ISBN : 9781977963352

Summary : Louise is now training Black Dane who is surprising everyone to be a champion in the making and soon becomes a favorite. Rumors spread quickly in the world of racing. You will enjoy the suspense of this exciting story where nothing goes smooth for Louise and her horse Black Dane. Her strength is now tested like never before. Don't miss the latest book in the Louise series. You can read it FREE for subscribers in Kindle Unlimited. Download your copy now!

The Winner's Circle

  • Author : P. J. Colando
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2019-01-15
  • Total pages :320
  • ISBN : 9781947392366

Summary : Faith, Family, Frenzy!Three longtime friends explode apart and find their way back to each other in The Winner's Circle, a literary-commercial crossover novel in a genre entitled Boomer Chick Lit that is written to appeal to book clubs.Life in a rural small town can dull the senses. A trio of gal pals-mired in middle age, middle America, and other people's problems-long to escape. When, one of the friends, Bonnie Voss, wins the Boffo Lotto, her circle of friends urge her to lawyer up, invest, and sequester herself. But secrets are inconceivable in small towns, and the clamor for cash withers Bonnie's wallflower soul. It doesn't help that her former boss, the local pastor, is first to beseech funds for his church expansion plans.And so, Bonnie and her beau, Carl Edwards, invite close friends, Jackie and Steve Breeden, to witness their Vegas wedding and honeymoon in Hawaii with endless vagabond beyond. The sky's the limit!Meanwhile, the other gal pal, Fran Blackstone Rankin, the recently retired former high school administrator who married the local pastor, Paul Rankin, have agreed to supervise immature thirty-something son, Brandon Breeden's management of the Breeden Dairy in his dad's stead. The allure of travel is fun for a while-hilarious, in fact. A California trip segment, where Carl introduces Bonnie to his ex-wife and adult kids, proceeds fluidly. However, the Hawaiian honeymoon goes over overboard when a mai-tai-fueled hula performance brings unwanted tabloid and YouTube fame. The ex-wife reads 'The Enquirer' and immediately desires a piece of lottery pie.Bonnie's instant wealth didn't gain immediate status and respect, so her relationship with her travel partners is strained, and-back in Michigan-Fran finds that Brandon doesn't require her reins and her husband, the pastor, can not be dissuaded from his schemes.When the husbands are jailed on the travel foursome's first day in Australia, wanderlust is no longer a romp, and things get complicated when you're halfway round the world, untethered from all you know and love. Life has its consequences¿ and there's no place like home.With your circle of friends.

Reclaimed by the Powerful Sheikh

  • Author : Pippa Roscoe
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2019-07-01
  • Total pages :192
  • ISBN : 1488044678

Summary : “The past will never be forgotten.” And his request won’t be denied… Ten years ago, Mason McAulty was swept into an overwhelming affair with Prince Danyl Al Arain—which ended tragically. Now Danyl has arrived at her struggling Australian farm with a million-dollar demand to attend his royal gala. She cannot refuse—or deny their still-burning fire. As memories pull Mason back into the arms of the sheikh, will their secret pain be overcome by their intense desire? Enter the prince’s desert kingdom with this reunion romance

Families, Big Book, English, Winners' Circle

  • Author : N.A
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :1999
  • Total pages :329
  • ISBN : 9780813685205

Summary :

Figure Skating

  • Author : John Misha Petkevich,Heinz Kluetmeier
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :1989
  • Total pages :288
  • ISBN : 1568000707

Summary : Tells how to select skates, clothing, and rinks, demonstates basic and advanced skating techniques, and tells how to choreograph a routine

Write Ways to WIN WRITING CONTESTS: How to Join the Winners' Circle for Prose and Poetry Awards, NEW EXPANDED EDITION

  • Author : John Howard Reid
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2008-11-01
  • Total pages :139
  • ISBN : 0557023254

Summary : John Howard Reid (a well-known author with over 50 years experience in writing and publishing) is Chief Judge of three annual literary events: The Tom Howard Short Story, Essay and Prose Contest, the Tom Howard Poetry Contest, and the Margaret Reid Prize for Traditional Verse. These long-established, prestigious writing competitions each offer cash prizes totally $5,350. In "Write Ways to WIN WRITING CONTESTS", John Reid tells every aspiring author how to achieve success. To research this book, he entered no less than eighty writing contests himself. His entries won prizes, or were short-listed, at least 27 times. That's better than a one-in-three success rate. "I would easily have achieved a one-in-two success rate if I had only entered the RIGHT contests," Reid declares. "I entered some of them merely to prove my theories or simply to obtain Judges' Reports." In this book, John Howard Reid will tell YOU how to select the RIGHT contests for YOUR essays, short stories and poems.

Claimed for the Greek's Child

  • Author : Pippa Roscoe
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2019-03-01
  • Total pages :224
  • ISBN : 1488044295

Summary : The billionaire is back… And he will legitimize his secret heir! Finding himself at Anna Moore’s door after tracking down the mysterious beauty is the least shocking part of Dimitri Kyriakou’s day. Because discovering the consequence of their one spectacular night has floored him! To secure his child, ruthless Dimitri must make Anna his wife. But the only thing harder than convincing Anna to be his convenient bride is trying to ignore their red-hot attraction… Lose yourself in this intense secret baby story!

The Winners Circle

  • Author : Christopher Klim
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2005
  • Total pages :249
  • ISBN : 9781933435022

Summary :

Winners Circle

  • Author : Moronda McGirt
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2019-12-15
  • Total pages :122
  • ISBN : 9781675925881

Summary :

Knowing Your Place

  • Author : Andrew Mitchell
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2013-05-14
  • Total pages :124
  • ISBN : 1481713884

Summary : Knowing Your Place is an inspirational set of laws to motivate you and allow you to understand that success has no barriers for those who are willing to confront the responsibility that comes along with it. These 10 Laws Of Success are to serve as a foundation to help you get moving towards living the self fulfilling life that is meant for you.

A Ring to Take His Revenge

  • Author : Pippa Roscoe
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2018-09-01
  • Total pages :192
  • ISBN : 1488083711

Summary : He’ll do anything to settle the score… …even fake an engagement! To secure his revenge against his cruel father, billionaire Antonio Arcuri needs a fake fiancée—fast! He demands his shy PA, Emma Guilham, wear his diamond. In return, he’ll help fulfill her dreams—starting with a jet-set trip to Buenos Aires! It’s a simple charade, until the burning tension between them erupts into irresistible desire. Now Antonio must decide between vengeance and Emma… A powerfully intense revenge romance

God's Winners' Circle (Understanding Your Personal Relationship with God)

  • Author : George Constantine, R.Ph., Ph.D.
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2016-03-27
  • Total pages :232
  • ISBN : 9780991723720

Summary : It is not every day that you come to discover something that can change your life in an instant, a missing link that opens up the floodgates to new heights and possibilities, an eye-opener! Today is one such moment; your time has arrived for a major discovery, a new level of spiritual revival that will set firm spiritual roots alongside The Lord in His circle...God's Winners' Circle. You are about to embark on a journey that will be very personal, and it will demand some reflection, especially if you have wondered how to restore your faith in God. Maybe you are starting to explore on how to have strong faith in God; or you are already a person of faith, and desire to unleash your faith, but don't know what more you can do... As a follower of Christ, you understand that you are revived in God by being redeemed and saved in Jesus, but it doesn't stop there: you need to maintain your redemption and salvation throughout your life-journey... But there always seem to be snags along the way that interfere with your spiritual progress: everyday challenges of daily life, unforeseen events, negative circumstances, etc. And then you ask yourself: why good things don't happen more often in your life? Or you don't feel as closely connected to God as you want to be? Or your mind cannot get a full understanding of how to get close and restore your faith in God despite of your faith and prayers? Well you are about to find out! You are about to come face-to-face with an obscured truth: who and what you really are, and why the enemy wants your faith in God obscured from your awareness. It is cloaked and hidden from your full understanding by an equally obscured, and closely-guarded set of weapons that Satan uses against you; they are the most sinister weapons of all time and a major spiritual obstacle to your spiritual rebirth and restoration. Deep within the caverns of his dark universe, The Enemy (in other words Satan, sometimes called The Deceiver, The Destroyer, The Devil, The Prince of Darkness, etc...) has kept a collection of secret spiritual weapons from view, hidden away in the shadows and away from your full understanding. More important: THEY ARE NOT WHAT YOU THINK, which makes them the biggest deception in human history! But no longer... The time has come to reach out to the next spiritual level by first understanding who you really are and how it applies to your spiritual revival with God: 1) Your own secret weapon (born with it and never knew about it); 2) The real spiritual weapons against you (it's not what you think); 3) Isolate them and advance to a close and personal relationship with God. In spite of the answers available in the Bible, you cannot release the blessings and favor that God has in store for you without understanding some things about yourself: how you can connect your heart, mind, soul, and spirit directly to God. It is meant to stir a different way of thinking about yourself, a new awareness that will trigger more of God's power in your own journey. So this book is entirely about the physical and spiritual YOU: to uncover this obscured truth about yourself and revive the tremendous potential that has been limited by The Enemy's interference in all areas of your life. You will unleash, revive, and restore a great potential within yourself, reviving your faith in God to a new level of understanding about your relationship with your world, and especially your relationship with God and His Word in the Bible!

Winners Circle

  • Author : Productivity Press
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2000-01-01
  • Total pages :329
  • ISBN : 9781420076325

Summary : Featuring Indianapolis 500 winners Danny Sullivan and Rick Mears, this highly motivational video introduces the quick changeover technique invented in Japan. The video compares the way a racing pit crew functions to a die changeover team in a manufacturing environment. It shows how both must function as a cohesive unit to succeed. The Winner's Circle takes you inside a company that reduced die-changeover from over two hours to less than five minutes. The video is an excellent way for you to introduce quick changeover techniques to your employees. The video is fast paced and explains the basic concepts of teamwork in a die-exchange. The video interviews pit crew members and engine designers as well as press operators and quality managers in a production plant. If you want to motivate and educate your employees, you need this video in your company. Run Time: 20 Min