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The Order of the Synoptics

  • Author : Bernard Orchard,Harold Riley
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :1987
  • Total pages :294
  • ISBN : 9780865542228

Summary :

Three Views on the Origins of the Synoptic Gospels

  • Author : Robert L. Thomas
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :
  • Total pages :400
  • ISBN : 9780825498824

Summary : Noted evangelical scholars present the best contemporary insights into the three dominant views on the origins of the Synoptic Gospels.

Arguments from Order in Synoptic Source Criticism

  • Author : David J. Neville
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :1994
  • Total pages :270
  • ISBN : 9780865543997

Summary : This monograph provides a "comprehensive history of the various arguments focusing on the order of pericopes in the Gospels to ascertain their original sequence of composition." - Editor's Foreward.

The Synoptic Problem for English Readers

  • Author : Alfred J. Jolley
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :1893
  • Total pages :124
  • ISBN :

Summary :

Introduction to the Synoptic Gospels

  • Author : Paton James Gloag
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :1895
  • Total pages :298
  • ISBN :

Summary :

The Synoptic Problem

  • Author : Mark Goodacre
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2004-06-15
  • Total pages :188
  • ISBN : 9780567080561

Summary : A lively, readable and up-to-date guide to the Synoptic Problem, ideal for undergraduate students, and the general reader.

The Synoptic Problem and Q

  • Author : David E. Orton
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :1999
  • Total pages :285
  • ISBN : 9789004113428

Summary : When Stewart Petrie wrote in 1959 that 'the whole Synoptic question should be thrown back into the melting-pot', he was responding to what he saw as the fanciful and mutually contradictory attempts to solve a problem that had occupied New Testament scholars from the earliest days of biblical criticism. The 'Q' solution obscured more than it clarified, since there was no scholarly agreement on its extent, even on the assumption of its erstwhile existence. By means of its 'snap-shot' articles from the generation following Petrie s whimsical comments, this collection makes it possible to follow the course of the discussion in the subsequent forty years. Now, after a generation of study by many of the best scholarly minds, a consensus of sorts is beginning to emerge. Nonetheless, as Sharon Mattila s recent article shows, the question is 'A Problem Still Cloude', and the debate very much alive.

Saint John and the Synoptic Gospels

  • Author : P. Gardner-Smith
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2011-06-30
  • Total pages :116
  • ISBN : 1107601266

Summary : This 1938 book reopened a question generally held to have been settled: the sources from which St John derived the material for his gospel. The accepted view, that used the narratives of Mark and Luke, Mr Gardner-Smith finds not proved, examining the gospel afresh in order to test this theory.

Interpreting the Synoptic Gospels (Guides to New Testament Exegesis)

  • Author : Scot McKnight
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :1988-08-01
  • Total pages :142
  • ISBN : 144120637X

Summary : McKnight critiques various interpretive methods and suggests how students with some knowledge of Greek can benefit from different analyses.

The Progressive Publication of Matthew

  • Author : B. Ward Powers
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2010
  • Total pages :611
  • ISBN : 0805448489

Summary : Scholars have long debated the "Synoptic Problem"-questions about why and how the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke share so much common material. Entering this important discussion that involves the trustworthiness of the Gospels, B. Ward Powers draws attention to the evidence pointing to Matthew's Gospel having been published progressively, with identifiable sections of his material then being seen and utilized by Luke. After both of these Gospels had been published in their current form, they together with the preaching of the Apostle Peter were the three sources used by Mark in producing a special-purpose Gospel for preachers and evangelists. The Progressive Publication of Matthew fleshes out this proposal, measuring it in detail against other hypotheses.

Thomas and the Gospels

  • Author : Mark Goodacre
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2012-09-24
  • Total pages :226
  • ISBN : 0802867480

Summary : The Gospel of Thomas -- found in 1945 -- has been described as "without question the most significant Christian book discovered in modern times." Often Thomas is seen as a special independent witness to the earliest phase of Christianity and as evidence for the now-popular view that this earliest phase was a dynamic time of great variety and diversity. In contrast, Mark Goodacre makes the case that, instead of being an early, independent source, Thomas actually draws on the Synoptic Gospels as source material -- not to provide a clear narrative, but to assemble an enigmatic collection of mysterious, pithy sayings to unnerve and affect the reader. Goodacre supports his argument with illuminating analyses and careful comparisons of Thomas with Matthew and Luke. Watch the trailer:

Textual Criticism and the Synoptic Problem in Historical Jesus Research

  • Author : Hyeon Woo Shin
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2004
  • Total pages :411
  • ISBN :

Summary : The criteria for originality, priority, and authenticity, used in textual criticism, the study of the Synoptic Problem, and historical Jesus research, share one basic similarity: They were all designed to distinguish a prior tradition from its later developments. All these areas of research investigate the transmission process which involves both preservation and alternation. The sets of criteria used in one area are thus analogous to the sets of criteria used in the other two areas. This assumption can be confirmed by observing numerous instances of such similarity in these sets of criteria. On the basis of this assumption, many other instances of similarity may be newly attained by adapting the set of criteria used in one area for use in the other two areas. The sets of criteria for these three areas of research can be further generalized into a 'mother set' of criteria which will provide us with a degree of methodological unification in these disciplines.

The Johannine Discourses and the Teaching of Jesus in the Synoptics

  • Author : Philipp F. Bartholom√§
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2012
  • Total pages :491
  • ISBN : 3772084575

Summary :

Scripture Bulletin

  • Author : N.A
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :1987
  • Total pages :329
  • ISBN :

Summary :

A History of the Synoptic Problem

  • Author : David L. Dungan
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :1999
  • Total pages :526
  • ISBN :

Summary : A close-up analysis of the synoptic gospels of the New Testament--Matthew, Mark, and Luke--explores the varying accounts of Jesus's life and discusses the history of biblical interpretation