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The Order of Things

  • Author : Michel Foucault
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2005-08-18
  • Total pages :448
  • ISBN : 1134499140

Summary : When one defines "order" as a sorting of priorities, it becomes beautifully clear as to what Foucault is doing here. With virtuoso showmanship, he weaves an intensely complex history of thought. He dips into literature, art, economics and even biology in The Order of Things, possibly one of the most significant, yet most overlooked, works of the twentieth century. Eclipsed by his later work on power and discourse, nonetheless it was The Order of Things that established Foucault's reputation as an intellectual giant. Pirouetting around the outer edge of language, Foucault unsettles the surface of literary writing. In describing the limitations of our usual taxonomies, he opens the door onto a whole new system of thought, one ripe with what he calls "exotic charm". Intellectual pyrotechnics from the master of critical thinking, this book is crucial reading for those who wish to gain insight into that odd beast called Postmodernism, and a must for any fan of Foucault.

The Order of the Solar Temple

  • Author : Professor James R Lewis
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2013-05-28
  • Total pages :242
  • ISBN : 1409477223

Summary : In October 1994, fifty-three members of the Order of the Solar Temple in Switzerland and Québec were murdered or committed suicide. This incident and two later group suicides in subsequent years played a pivotal role in inflaming the cult controversy in Europe, influencing the public to support harsher actions against non-traditional religions. Despite the importance of the Order of the Solar Temple, there are relatively few studies published in English. This book brings together the best scholarship on the Solar Temple including newly commissioned pieces from leading scholars, a selection of Solar Temple documents, and important previously published articles newly edited for inclusion within this book. This is the first book-length study of the Order of the Solar Temple to be published in English.

The Order of Learning

  • Author : Edward Shils
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2011-12-31
  • Total pages :396
  • ISBN : 141283810X

Summary : The Order of Learning considers the problems facing higher education by focusing on main underlying factors: the relationship of higher education to government, academic freedom, and the responsibilities of the academic profession, among others. Edward Shils argues that higher education has a central role in society, and that distractions, such as pressures from government, disinterest of students and faculty in education, and involvement of institutions of higher learning in social questions, have damaged higher education by deflecting it from its commitment to teaching, learning, and research. Shils believes that the modern university must be steadfast in its commitment to the pursuit of truth, the education of students, and the provision of research. Universities should not be all things to all people. On one hand, the academic community must understand the essential mission of the university and resist distractions. On the other, government must provide the necessary support to higher education, even when the immediate "pay-off" is not self-evident. This book provides a refreshing new perspective precisely by taking a traditional stance on the role of higher education in modern society. It includes carefully researched and elegantly written essays on many of the central issues facing education today. This work will be of great interest to educators and students alike, as well as those interested in the future of higher education in the United States.

The Order of Canada

  • Author : Christopher McCreery
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2005
  • Total pages :372
  • ISBN : 0802039405

Summary : In 1966, a project to create a national honour for Canadians was begun. The first recipients of the Order of Canada were announced a year later, and in the nearly forty years since, the Order has become a symbol familiar to, and respected by, people from across the country. The spirit that motivates the Order of Canada - celebration, inclusion, and democracy - was born of the memories of Canada's earlier experience with honours. From initial distrust and misunderstanding to the awakening of a national identity, the development of the Order reflects the relationship Canadians have with their country, their government, their culture, and their heroes. The Order itself is a product of national identity, politics, and history, reflected by the significance of its recipients' accomplishments. Indeed, the Order's history is as fascinating as the more than 4000 Canadians who have received it. This first book-length history of the Order of Canada - and first major work on Canadian honours - by Christopher McCreery is a celebration of the Order and a close examination of its unique design and various early incarnations. McCreery provides both a history of the Order's beginnings and a more general overview of trends in Canadian honours. Extensively illustrated with never-before-published photographs, The Order of Canada: Its Origins, History, and Developments pays tribute to the individuals who felt the need for a system of recognition for Canadians.

The Order of Economic Liberalization

  • Author : Ronald I. Mckinnon
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :1993-10
  • Total pages :242
  • ISBN : 9780801847431

Summary : Can knowledge of financial policies in developing countries over four decades help the socialist economies of Asia and Eastern Europe become open market economies in the 1990s? In all these countries the loss of fiscal and monetary control has often resulted in high inflation that undermines the liberalization process itself. In the second edition of The Order of Economic Liberalization, Ronald McKinnon builds on his influential work on the liberalization of financial markets in less developed countries and outlines the progression necessary to move from a "repressed" to an open economy. New to this edition are chapters that contrast the gradual Chinese approach to liberalizing domestic and foreign trade with the "big bang" approach followed by some Eastern European countries and republics of the former Soviet Union. Financial control and macroeconomic stability, McKinnon argues, are more critical to a successful transition than is any crash program to privatize state-owned industrial assets and the banking system.

On the Order of Chaos

  • Author : Mark S. Mosko,Frederick H. Damon
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2005
  • Total pages :276
  • ISBN : 9781845450243

Summary : The essays in this volume collectively transform perspectives previously experienced as divergent, conflicting, and inconsistent into a common and complex orientation to problems central to the natural and social sciences involving transitions between order and disorder."--Jacket.

The Order of the Synoptics

  • Author : Bernard Orchard,Harold Riley
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :1987
  • Total pages :294
  • ISBN : 9780865542228

Summary :

The Order

  • Author : John-Patrick Bayle
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2012-01-09
  • Total pages :329
  • ISBN : 0985280603

Summary :

The Order

  • Author : Casey Parker
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2003
  • Total pages :258
  • ISBN : 1412013364

Summary : The Order: The Tale Of The Sabor Guardians is a terrific spin on life, death and the never ending cycle of Evil against Good, and one young man's journey to deal with the gravity of them both. The confused and reluctant be hero of the Tale is one Sabor Lindon, a spoiled, somewhat uncentered young man who on his twenty-second birthday deals with a blanket of strife - only to find more pain is yet to come. The Tale chronicles the steps the reluctant Lindon takes along the way to overcome his newfound responsibilities. An evil being, Dvanken, an unholy wretch born of murder and sustained by humanity's suffering, remains unknown to all of mankind, save The Order. He roams, devouring the loathing and fear residing in humanity and his hunger stands unrelenting. A series of twists and turns bring Good and Evil full circle to duel until the finish. One will stand. One will claim victory. One will perish! "The author of "The Order" paints a vivid picture which allows you to enter into a new world, a world which will amaze and fascinate you, as he introduces you to the world and the inhabitants of The Order." " - Bev Whittingham, author of Sunrise " "This talented and imaginative young author invents his own dimension within our own. Sabor Guardians commit terrifying acts of heroism to fight an enormous terror, plaguing the earth. The terror known as Dvanken." " - Debra Moore"

The Order

  • Author : Dan Morris
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2010-05-14
  • Total pages :280
  • ISBN : 9781450227377

Summary : The Order is the third in a series following Beyond Evil and Runaway Mom. Private Investigator Frank McLaughlin sets out to elicit information from Charlene O’Keefe, a friend’s cousin, in order to learn why she suddenly gave up a promising career as a singer and return home to ranch life with her father. In the process, Frank begins to experience strong feelings for her. Wanting to spend more time with her, he hires her to help with his business. Together, they take on one of the most important cases of his career. A minister’s wife, Felicity Whitman, hires them to find out why her husband, Matt, is acting strangely. The investigation takes them down a path leading to a secret political society known only as “The Order.” The key to the investigation is a missing file and the only person that knew its whereabouts suddenly dies. A bizarre attempt, through Spiritualism, is made to find the lost file. Ruthless contract assassins are suddenly in the mix trying to secure the file for The Order and eliminate any witnesses. Hang on to your seats because this is an exciting ride.

The Order of the Ages

  • Author : Charles Upton,Robert Bolton
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2004
  • Total pages :115
  • ISBN : 9780900588372

Summary : The laws which relate the modern world to earlier ages, and the position of our own era in a universal time-cycle, are explained in this book in a way which reveals the essential nature of time. It is shown that time imposes patterns of its own on the order of events, which reveal themselves by numerical regularities. By means of a Platonic view of creation, which connects temporal with non-temporal realities, it is shown to be possible to see how man's inner life holds the balance between these two kinds of objective reality. Traditional cosmological doctrines form the background to the ideas presented, which include insights into the power of universal time to realize evil, and how this can be overcome by those who understand it. Both non-Christian and Early Christian sources are also quoted in this connection, to illustrate the universality of the cyclic idea of time. Connections are made between metaphysical ideas of time and the scientific idea of entropy and its varied applications. The cyclic idea of time is used to resolve the apparent conflict between the vast tracts of time which have elapsed before Homo Sapiens and the relatively recent appearance of revealed religion. The last two thousand years are analyzed numerically in terms of traditional cosmology, so as to make it possible to calculate our present position in a universal era, together with the time within which this era will end. Finally, there is a review of the possibility that this ending may coincide with the Last Times, and the implications that this would have for current values and religious beliefs. 'How, when, and why did the world begin? And how will it end? Or is there no ending or beginning? What is infinity, and are such questions merely about illusions? What part does mind play in creation? Are we and the universe programed toward a certain end. . . ? All that can honestly be given in response to such questions is an introduction to that constant and recurrent world-view which this book uniquely provides.' -John Michell Christian Platonism has a long and distinguished history, but few orthodox Catholics have tried to make a serious contribution to this tradition in recent times. Robert Bolton's extraordinary book is just such a contribution. Influenced by Ren Gunon's The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times, and respectful of Tradition, this is a work of great creativity as well as metaphysical intelligence. -Stratford Caldecott, Chesterton Review, Centre for Faith & Culture, Oxford Time, like beauty, is one of the foremost mysteries of human experience. Here Dr. Bolton has taken a deliberate and courageous effort to confront the nature of time. It is like a breath of fresh air to see such care taken to present what can authentically be called the traditional view. 'Recurrence' and 'Never Again' are the poles of this mystery so well and ably covered in this book. Any work that presents the views of such as Plato so well is inevitably going to be of cardinal value-but Dr. Bolton also goes into other wisdom traditions. This may not be easy reading, but what a relief from the mechanically tedious choice between 'Big Bang' and 'Steady State', and whatever else the material mechanists have dreamed up as our only diet for consideration. It -Keith Critchlow, Nov. 2000

The Order of the Garter, 1348-1461

  • Author : Hugh E. L. Collins
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2000
  • Total pages :327
  • ISBN : 9780198208174

Summary : This is the first scholarly study of the political role of the Order of the Garter during the late middle ages. Hugh Collins's examination of the Garter's pragmatic considerations and knightly ideas reveals the extent to which political society in the late middle ages founded its ambitions and aspirations on the cult of chivalry.

The Order Microsauria

  • Author : Robert Lynn Carroll,Pamela Gaskill
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :1978-01-01
  • Total pages :211
  • ISBN : 9780871691262

Summary :

The Order's Experiments

  • Author : Meg Eichmann
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2012-06-19
  • Total pages :472
  • ISBN : 1469199033

Summary : Kyra and Fallen have strange pasts. A six years old Fallen fled from his unconventional home to the streets. Kyra, born to an underworld movement known as the Order, ran away when she was eight to be free of it. Both live in the city as street kids, living as strays for years, repressing their pasts as they try to survive, but no one can run forever. When the Order persuades Fallen to join them Kyra, in debt to Fallen feels compelled to return as well and both of them start the long journey back into their memories. Together they are made to delve into what was their past; face the harsh realities of the underground and find a way to help each other face their childhood demons. While training themselves into heartless killers their only hope is to reconcile their lives in time to save their future. On the 24th of March 2009 Meg at age 13, sat at her desk for recreational writing. A story about two strays she thought would be a short story to put in her journal one day, now almost 200 000 words later her story ‘The Order’s experiments’ is her first published novel.

The Order

  • Author : Lynn Chase
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2014-09-18
  • Total pages :270
  • ISBN : 1480909718

Summary : The Order is a wonderful depiction of the children of God and how even though we are all very different, we are similar in ways to His angels. The Lord doesn’t judge us based on who we are, but instead on the choices we make. God has a plan for us, no matter what our past is.