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  • Author : William D. Lopez
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2019-09-24
  • Total pages :232
  • ISBN : 142143332X

Summary : On a Thursday in November of 2013, Guadalupe Morales waited anxiously with her sister-in-law and their four small children. Every Latino man who drove away from their shared apartment above a small auto repair shop that day had failed to return—arrested, one by one, by ICE agents and local police. As the two women discussed what to do next, a SWAT team clad in body armor and carrying assault rifles stormed the room. As Guadalupe remembers it, "The soldiers came in the house. They knocked down doors. They threw gas. They had guns. We were two women with small children... The kids terrified, the kids screaming." In Separated, William D. Lopez examines the lasting damage done by this daylong act of collaborative immigration enforcement in Washtenaw County, Michigan. Exploring the chaos of enforcement through the lens of community health, Lopez discusses deportation's rippling negative effects on families, communities, and individuals. Focusing on those left behind, Lopez reveals their efforts to cope with trauma, avoid homelessness, handle worsening health, and keep their families together as they attempt to deal with a deportation machine that is militarized, traumatic, implicitly racist, and profoundly violent. Lopez uses this single home raid to show what immigration law enforcement looks like from the perspective of the people who actually experience it. Drawing on in-depth interviews with twenty-four individuals whose lives were changed that day in 2013, as well as field notes, records obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, and his own experience as an activist, Lopez combines rigorous research with narrative storytelling. Putting faces and names to the numbers behind deportation statistics, Separated urges readers to move beyond sound bites and consider the human experience of mixed-status communities in the small everyday towns that dot the interior of the United States.

Phase-Separated Interpenetrating Polymer Networks

  • Author : Yuri S. Lipatov,Tatiana Alekseeva
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2007-09-26
  • Total pages :234
  • ISBN : 3540735526

Summary :

Wisdom for Separated Parents

  • Author : Judy Osborne
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2011
  • Total pages :164
  • ISBN : 0313395888

Summary : The stories within this book document how men and women—both straight and gay—have rearranged their lives to create harmonious kinship relationships and be successful parents after separation, thereby proving that divorce does not have to mean "unhappily ever after." * Provides numerous insightful quotes derived from interviews with more than 50 parents * Supplies a bibliography that covers topics such as post-separation parenting, stepfamilies, gay/lesbian parenting, transitions for adults, and the history of cultural and family change

Two-Dimensional Separated Flows

  • Author : S. M. Belotserkovsky,V. N. Kotovskii,M. I. Nisht,R. M. Fedorov
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :1992-11-30
  • Total pages :320
  • ISBN : 9780849393068

Summary : Two-Dimensional Separated Flows provides a systematic presentation of the theory of separated flow around bodies. The main classes of aerodynamic problems of plane-parallel flow around bodies are described, and the steady aerodynamic, unsteady aerodynamic, and statistical characteristics of a trailing wake are determined. Numerical methods based on the synthesis of models for non-viscous incompressible flow and boundary layer, algorithms, examples, and systematic comparisons are presented. The book also includes numerical results for the problem of separated flow around fixed, oscillating, and rotating cylinders, in addition to results for separated flow around an aerofoil over a wide range of angles. Two-Dimensional Separated Flows will benefit researchers and students studying aerodynamics, aircraft dynamics, aeroelasticity, and the aerodynamics of building structures.

The Presidency in a Separated System

  • Author : Charles O. Jones
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2000-09-30
  • Total pages :358
  • ISBN : 9780815791508

Summary : Popular interpretations of American government tend to center on the presidency. Successes and failures of government are often attributed to presidents themselves. But, though the White House stands as a powerful symbol of government, the United States has a separated system intentionally designed to distribute power, not to concentrate it. Charles O. Jones explains that focusing exclusively on the presidency can lead to a seriously distorted picture of how the national government works. The role of the president varies widely, depending on his resources, advantages, and strategic position. Public expectations often far exceed the president's personal, political, institutional, or constitutional capacities for achievement. Jones explores how presidents find their place in the permanent government and how they are "fitted in" by others, most notably those on Capitol Hill. This book shows how a separated system of government works under the circumstances created by the Constitution and encouraged by a two-party system. Jones examines the organizational challenges facing presidents, their public standing and what it means, presidential agendas and mandates, and lawmaking—how it works, where the president fits in, and how it varies from issue to issue. He compares the post-World War II presidents and identifies the strengths and weaknesses of each in working within the separated system. Jones proposes a view of government as a legitimate, even productive, form of decisionmaking and emphasizes the varying strategies available to presidents for governing. He concludes with a number of important lessons for presidents and advice on how to make the separated system work better.

Asymptotic Theory of Separated Flows

  • Author : Vladimir V. Sychev,Vladimir Vasil'evič Syčëv,Vladimir Vasil'evich Sychev,Anatoly I. Ruban,Georgi L. Korolev
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :1998-08-28
  • Total pages :334
  • ISBN : 9780521455305

Summary : This book presents the asymptotic theory of separate flows in a systematic account.

IUTAM Symposium on Unsteady Separated Flows and their Control

  • Author : Marianna Braza,K. Hourigan
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2009-09-29
  • Total pages :586
  • ISBN : 9781402098987

Summary : This Volume is the Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium on Unsteady Separated Flows and Their Control held in Corfu, Greece, 18–22 June 2007. This was the second IUTAM Symposium on this subject, following the symposium in Toulouse, in April 2002. The Symposium consisted of single plenary sessions with invited lectures, - lected oral presentations, discussions on special topics and posters. The complete set of papers was provided to all participants at the meeting. The thematic sessions of this Symposium are presented in the following: Experimental techniques for the unsteady ow separation Theoretical aspects and analytical approaches of ow separation Instability and transition Compressibility effects related to unsteady separation Statistical and hybrid turbulence modelling for unsteady separated ows Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation of unsteady separated ows Theoretical/industrial aspects of unsteady separated ow control This IUTAM Symposium concerned an important domain of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics nowadays. It focused on the problem of ow separation and of its control. It achieved a uni ed approach regrouping the knowledge provided from theoretical, experimental, numerical simulation and modelling aspects for unsteady separated ows (incompressible and compressible regimes) and included ef cient control devices to achieve attenuation or suppression of separation. The subject - eas covered important themes in the domain of fundamental research as well as in the domain of applications.

Three-dimensional Separated Flow Topology

  • Author : Jean Délery
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2013-02-28
  • Total pages :176
  • ISBN : 1118579887

Summary : This book develops concepts and a methodology for a rationaldescription of the organization of three-dimensional flowsconsidering, in particular, the case where the flow is the place ofseparations. The descriptive analysis based on the critical pointtheory of Poincaré develops conventional but rather unfamiliarconsiderations from aerodynamicists, who face the understanding ofcomplex flows including multiple separation lines and vortices.These problems concern industrial sectors where aerodynamics playsa key role, such as aerospace, ground vehicles, buildings, etc. Contents 1. Skin Friction Lines Pattern and Critical Points. 2. Separation Streamsurfaces and Vortex Structures. 3. Separated Flow on a Body. 4. Vortex Wake of Wings and Slender Bodies. 5. Separation Induced by an Obstacle or a Blunt Body. 6. Reconsideration of the Two-Dimensional Separation. 7. Concluding Remarks. About the Authors Jean Délery is a Supaero (French National Higher School ofAeronautics and Space) engineer who has worked at Onera (Frenchnational aerospace research center) since 1964. He has participatedin several major French and European aerospace programs, is theauthor of many scientific publications, and has occupied variousteaching positions particularly at Supaero, the University ofVersailles-Saint-Quentin, Ecole polytechnique in France and“La Sapienza” University in Rome, Italy. He iscurrently emeritus adviser at Onera.

Separated and Divorced Women in India

  • Author : Kirti Singh
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2013-05-08
  • Total pages :248
  • ISBN : 8132116291

Summary : Separated and Divorced Women in India examines the economic rights and entitlements of separated/deserted women in law and practice in India, and explores all the laws and policies relating to financial support for a wife or child that come into play once a separation or divorce has taken place. Based on a survey of more than 400 women in four different regions across the country, this seminal work lays bare the miserable financial conditions of separated/deserted women and the lengthy procedural obstacles that these women have to contend with to get any justice. It interrogates the absence of any laws that would give Indian women ownership rights in the property and assets that they have helped to acquire through financial or non-financial contributions in the marital home, and suggests that Community of Property should be made a part of law for all Indian women. This work further challenges the conventional understanding of productive work and advocates recognition of the productive nature of women's household work. Another aspect discussed pertains to the pervasive scourge of dowry and how seldom women recover their dowry and stridhan through the law.

Divorced Or Separated Individuals

  • Author : N.A
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :1995
  • Total pages :329
  • ISBN :

Summary :

Automated Measurements of Infrared Spectra of Chromatographically Separated Fractions

  • Author : Peter R. Griffiths
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :1979
  • Total pages :68
  • ISBN :

Summary :

Instability and Control of Massively Separated Flows

  • Author : Vassilis Theofilis,Julio Soria
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2015-01-03
  • Total pages :254
  • ISBN : 3319062603

Summary : This book contains the outcome of the international meeting on instability, control and noise generated by massive flow separation that was organized at the Monash Center, in Prato, Italy, September 4-6, 2013. The meeting served as the final review of the EU-FP7 Instability and Control of Massively Separated Flows Marie Curie travel grant and was supported by the European Office of Aerospace Research and Development. Fifty leading specialists from twelve countries reviewed the progress made since the 50s of the last century and discussed modern analysis techniques, advanced experimental flow diagnostics and recent developments in active flow control techniques from the incompressible to the hypersonic regime. Applications involving massive flow separation and associated instability and noise generation mechanisms of interest to the aeronautical, naval and automotive industries have been addressed from a theoretical, numerical or experimental point of view, making this book a unique source containing the state-of-the-art in separated flow instability and its control.

The Guide For Separated Parents

  • Author : Karen Woodall,Nick Woodall
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2014-02-06
  • Total pages :288
  • ISBN : 0349404666

Summary : Children living in separated family situations fare best when their relationship with each of their parents continues to be close. Putting Children First helps mothers and fathers unlock and resolve the conflict around contact with children that can arise during and after separation. Using strategies such as parenting plans, scripted phone calls and parenting meetings, the book will enable parents to communicate effectively on all the most important things in their children's lives - and make relaxed arrangements for the continued involvement by both parents with their children.

Gospel-separation separated from its abuses

  • Author : Richard Lawrence
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :1657
  • Total pages :141
  • ISBN :

Summary :

A Christian and Separated?

  • Author : Doug Cook
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2007-04-01
  • Total pages :184
  • ISBN : 1602664331

Summary : "A Christian and Separated" uncovers ingrained attitudes and beliefs in an effort to bring guidance, hope, and encouragement to suffering marriages. The book also urges a transformation of the position many Christians take when encountering a fellow believer struggling with a marital relationship. (Christian)