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Lie Down with the Devil

  • Author : Linda Barnes
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2019-03-05
  • Total pages :300
  • ISBN : 1504057023

Summary : A jittery bride-to-be draws the Boston PI into an “utterly compelling” case of betrayal and dangerous love (Publisher Weekly, starred review). Six-foot-tall, redheaded ex-cop and Boston-based private eye Carlotta Carlyle is “the genuine article: a straightforward, funny, thoroughly American mystery heroine” (New York Post). On the outs with her secretive mob boss lover, Sam Gianelli, Carlotta occupies herself with a seemingly routine case. She feels an immediate bond with her new client, Jessie Franklin. Right now, both women are dealing with issues of trust. For Jessie, it’s the man she’s soon to marry. Tipped off that he’s cheating on her, she wants Carlotta to tail him. No sooner does Carlotta get a track on the likely cad, than Jessie is killed by a hit-and-run driver. But when the accident is ruled a homicide, Carlotta discovers that Jessie has being lying about everything—including her name and her fiancé. But it’s the reason for roping Carlotta into the deception that has the sleuth on edge. Because Carlotta’s the number one suspect in the murder. Now she must investigate her own past—and Gianelli’s—to save her neck. Only one thing is certain: “The course of mobbed-up love never runs smooth [in this] startling new chapter in the heroine’s checkered personal life” (Kirkus Reviews). Lie Down with the Devil is the 12th book in the Carlotta Carlyle Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

The Rogues' Trial

  • Author : Ariano Suassuna
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :1963
  • Total pages :107
  • ISBN :

Summary :

Cuentos de Cuanto Hay

  • Author : José Manuel Espinosa,Joe Hayes
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :1998
  • Total pages :225
  • ISBN : 9780826319289

Summary : In the summer of 1931, folklorist Espinosa traveled throughout northern New Mexico asking Spanish-speaking residents for tales of olden times. These tales are available once again, in the original Spanish and now for the first time in English translation.

Devil's Food

  • Author : Janice Weber
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2009-09-26
  • Total pages :480
  • ISBN : 9780446567855

Summary : A sly, witty mystery features two extraordinary sisters--one a master chef and the other a renowned actress--who juggle husbands, lovers, the Hollywood media, and their own identities to catch a thief. By the author of Frost the Fiddler.

The Devil's Web

  • Author : Mary Balogh
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2007-12-26
  • Total pages :464
  • ISBN : 044033733X

Summary : BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Mary Balogh's The Secret Mistress. Sensual. Seductive. Emotional. No one stirs the heart and imagination like Mary Balogh. In this classic novel, the New York Times bestselling author weaves a spellbinding tale of two people haunted by desire, unable to resist the love that has become their most passionate obsession.… When James Purnell walks into the London drawing room and sees Lady Madeline Raine, time stops. Once she had been his for the taking. Now she is an aloof, beautiful stranger, determined to keep the devilishly handsome nobleman from seducing her again. But after four years apart, desire reignites—swift, hot, irresistible—culminating in a night of reckless lovemaking. Suddenly Madeline is faced with an unbearable choice: marry with no hope of love or risk certain ruin. Her decision will have consequences she never imagined, as she makes a shocking discovery about the man she secretly loves. What she doesn’t know is how far James will go to right the wrongs of the past—and how much he’s willing to risk for the woman who already owns him…body, heart, and soul.

Lie Down with Lions

  • Author : Ken Follett
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2003-12-02
  • Total pages :384
  • ISBN : 9781101143827

Summary : "Vintage Follett . . . This is his most ambitious novel and it succeeds admirably." —USA Today Ellis, the American. Jean-Pierre, the Frenchman. They were two men on opposite sides of the Cold War, with a woman torn between them. Together, they formed a triangle of passion and deception, racing from terrorist bombs in Paris to the violence and intrigue of Afghanistan—to the moment of truth and deadly decision for all of them. . . . Look out for Ken Follett's newest book, A Column of Fire, available now.

Lie Down in Green Pastures

  • Author : Debbie Viguié
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2011
  • Total pages :263
  • ISBN : 1426701918

Summary : St. Patricks Day brings a new murder mystery for the crime solving duo. Can Cindy rush to save hundreds of teens and the man she's grown to care for before it's too late?

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

  • Author : Karen Leabo
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2014-04-15
  • Total pages :240
  • ISBN : 0345544900

Summary : Karen Leabo spins a sexy, thrilling story of an FBI agent playing a dangerous game—and falling head over heels in love with his beautiful target. Special agent Clint Nichols has had suspected gangster Jimmy Gabriole in his sights for a while. Then Jimmy makes it personal and kidnaps Clint’s ex-wife. Never one to back down, Clint takes action. His plan is straightforward: hijack Jimmy’s sailboat, snatch the man’s sister, and negotiate an exchange. But the moment Clint lays eyes on Marissa Gabriole, he can think of nothing else but getting tangled between the sheets with the stunning beauty. Marissa knew that spending the weekend on her brother’s yacht was a bad idea. First Marissa discovers that she’s prone to seasickness. Then she’s taken hostage by a man who claims that Jimmy is in cahoots with the mob. Marissa should be terrified, but something about the tender, uncompromising agent steadies her nerves. As Clint fights to keep his mission (and himself) alive, Marissa learns that nothing is what it seems—and realizes that her abductor is slowly but surely capturing her heart.

The Devil Is a Father, Too

  • Author : Amaklech Sahle
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2010-05-18
  • Total pages :168
  • ISBN : 1449701809

Summary : The Devil is a Father, Too, is birthed out of a series of dreams the Lord began to give me allowing me to experience the unseen world. Divinely set up visitation of the Spirit realm and the encounter of the truth, some, I refer to as a sneak preview of the supernatural realm. By which the Lord displayed the undeniable power of His word giving me a deeper understanding and knowledge of the truth that absolutely set me free and transformed my life forever. Often times, the Lord uses the mess of our life into a life time message to demonstrate and disclose His power and reach out to mankind. This revealed truth has consequently birthed a passion and pursuit of purpose that inspired me to share in this book. The father you submit to has full power to control you. While the final choice and the decision is left up to you, but the choice and the decision you make has a very serious and eternal consequences. Therefore, this book is inspired by the Holy Spirit to give you insight into the Truth so you make the right choice from the standpoint of understanding and knowledge of the truth.

Books to Die For

  • Author : John Connolly,Declan Burke
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2012-10-02
  • Total pages :560
  • ISBN : 1451696582

Summary : The world’s most beloved mystery writers celebrate their favorite mystery novels in this gorgeously wrought collection, featuring essays by Michael Connelly, Kathy Reichs, Ian Rankin, and more. In the most ambitious anthology of its kind, the world’s leading mystery writers come together to champion the greatest mystery novels ever written. In a series of personal essays that reveal as much about the authors and their own work as they do about the books that they love, over a hundred authors from twenty countries have created a guide that will be indispensable for generations of readers and writers. From Agatha Christie to Lee Child, from Edgar Allan Poe to P. D. James, from Sherlock Holmes to Hannibal Lecter and Philip Marlowe to Lord Peter Wimsey, Books to Die For brings together the best of the mystery world for a feast of reading pleasure, a treasure trove for those new to the genre and for those who believe that there is nothing new left to discover. This is the one essential book for every reader who has ever finished a mystery novel and thought…I want more!

The Perfect Ghost

  • Author : Linda Barnes
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2013-04-09
  • Total pages :320
  • ISBN : 1250023645

Summary : Mousy and shy to the point of agoraphobic, Em Moore is the writing half of a celebrity biography team. Her charismatic partner, Teddy, does the interviewing and the public schmoozing. But Em's dependence on Teddy runs deeper than just the job—Teddy is her bridge to the world and the main source of love in her life. So when Teddy dies in a car accident, Em is devastated, alone in a world she doesn't understand. The only way she can honor his memory and cope with his loss is to finish the interviews for their current book—an "autobiography" of renowned and reclusive film director Garrett Malcolm. Ensconced in a small cottage near Malcolm's Cape Cod home, Em slowly builds the courage to interview Malcolm the way Teddy would have. She finds Malcolm at once friendlier, more intimidating, and much sexier than she had imagined. But Em soon starts hearing whispers of skeletons in the Malcolm family closet. And then the police begin looking into the accident that killed Teddy, and Em's control on her life—tenuous at best—is threatened. In The Perfect Ghost, a stunning breakout novel from the beloved author of the Carlotta Carlyle mystery series, Linda Barnes slowly winds the strings tighter and tighter, leading the reader ever more deeply into the lives of her characters with pitch-perfect pacing and mesmerizing prose.

Sermons by Jonathan Edwards on the Matthean Parables, Volume II

  • Author : Kenneth P. Minkema,Adriaan C. Neele
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2012-07-01
  • Total pages :140
  • ISBN : 1621894118

Summary : This second volume of Sermons by Jonathan Edwards on the Matthean Parables contains a previously unpublished series of six sermons by Edwards on Jesus' parable of the Sower and the Seed, as found in Matthew 13:3-7. Edwards preached these sermons in 1740 immediately following the visit of George Whitefield to Edwards' church in Northampton, Massachusetts, in October of that year. Not only does this series have a historical significance for its place in the Great Awakening, but it contains important pronouncements on the preacher's craft and the hearer's responsibilities. These sermons have been placed in the context of Edwards' preaching style and method, and framed by historical considerations. Prepared from the original manuscripts by the staff of the Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University, this series represents a significant addition to the available Edwards corpus that will be of interest to scholars, religious leaders, and general readers.

Cotton's Devil

  • Author : Phil Dunlap
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2012-12-31
  • Total pages :288
  • ISBN : 1101618523

Summary : COTTON’S PAST IS COMING BACK—AND IT WANTS REVENGE. When Sheriff Cotton Burke finds Thorn McCann nearly dead from a gunshot wound, he has no choice but to become entangled in the affairs of the nefarious bounty hunter. While McCann is one of the last people Cotton wants to hang around with, someone else from his past is about to burst into his life… Cotton isn’t proud of the men he’s killed, but he sleeps well at night knowing that he did what was necessary to preserve justice. Judge Arthur Sanborn, the father of one of those men, seems to disagree, and he’s out for blood—specifically, Cotton’s. Thanks to one of Thorn’s shady associates from his past, Cotton discovers some very valuable information about Sanborn, and now, Cotton must enlist the help of Deputy Memphis Jack Stump in order to save not only his own life but also the lives of everyone close to him…

The Devil in Green

  • Author : Mark Chadbourn
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2010-12-30
  • Total pages :464
  • ISBN : 0575105593

Summary : Humanity has emerged, blinking, from the Age of Misrule into a world substantially changed: cities lie devasted, communications are limited, anarchy rages across the land. Society has been thrown into a new Dark Age where superstition holds sway. The Tuatha De Danaan roam the land once more, their terrible powers dwarfing anything mortals have to offer. And in their wake come all the creatures of myth and legend, no longer confined to the shadows. Fighting to find their place in this new world, the last remnants of the Christian Church call for a group of heroes: a new Knights Templar to guard the priesthood as they set out on their quest for souls. But as everything begin to fall apart, the Knights begin to realise their only hope is to call on the pagan gods of Celtic myth for help.

Devil's Heart

  • Author : William W. Johnstone
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2015-04-01
  • Total pages :384
  • ISBN : 1616507780

Summary : It was in the summer of 1958 that the horror surfaced in the town of Whitfield, erupting like a festering boil, spewing its corruption on everyone near it. Those who survived the terror remember it as the summer of The Digging—the time when the hot wind began to blow, when The Devil’s creatures rose from the putrid bowels of the earth, when the inhabitants of Whitfield were touched by . . . The Devil’s Heart Now it was summer again in Whitfield. The town was peaceful, quiet, and unprepared for the atrocities to come. Eternal life, everlasting youth, an orgy that would span time—that was what the Lord of Darkness was promising the coven members in return for their pledge of love. The few who had fought against his hideous powers before, believed it could never happen again. Then the hot wind began to blow---as black and evil as . . . The Devil’s Heart