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The Girl Next Door

  • Author : Jack Ketchum
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2005
  • Total pages :370
  • ISBN : 9780843955439

Summary : A teenage girl is held captive and brutally tortured by neighborhood children. Based on a true story, this shocking novel reveals the depravity of which we are all capable.

The Girl Next Door

  • Author : Jack Ketchum,Stephen King
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2003
  • Total pages :244
  • ISBN : 9781892950611

Summary : In suburbia in the 1950s, a dark side emerges for teenage Meg and her crippled sister--captive to an Aunt, who is descending into madness. ""The Girl Next Door" is alive--in a way most works of popular fiction never attain; it does not just promise terror but actually delivers it. "--Stephen King.

The Girl Next Door

  • Author : Chelsea M. Cameron
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2020-05-26
  • Total pages :329
  • ISBN : 1488076286

Summary : The opposites-attract, sweet-and-sexy small-town romance you’ve been waiting for. Iris Turner hightailed it out of Salty Cove, Maine, without so much as a backward glance. Which is why finding herself back in her hometown—in her childhood bedroom, no less—has the normally upbeat Iris feeling a bit down and out. Her spirits get a much-needed lift, though, at the sight of the sexy girl next door. No one knows why Jude Wicks is back in Salty Cove, and that’s just how she likes it. Jude never imagined she’d be once again living in her parents’ house, never mind hauling lobster like a local. But the solitude is just what she needs—until Iris tempts her to open up. A no-strings summer fling seems like the perfect distraction for both women. Jude rides a motorcycle, kisses hard and gives Iris the perfect distraction from her tangled mess of a life. But come September, Iris is still determined to get out of this zero-stoplight town. That is, unless Jude can give her a reason to stay… Carina Adores is home to highly romantic contemporary love stories where LGBTQ+ characters find their happily-ever-afters. A new Carina Adores title is available each month: The Hideaway Inn by Philip William Stover Just Like That by Cole McCade Hairpin Curves by Elia Winters Better Than People by Roan Parrish Full Moon in Leo by Brooklyn Ray If You Can’t Stand the Heat by KD Fisher Just Like This by Cole McCade

The Girl Next Door

  • Author : Phoebe Morgan
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2019-02-21
  • Total pages :336
  • ISBN : 0008314853

Summary : One little lie just became deadly... ‘A compelling page-turner about the nature of suspicion, hidden secrets and claustrophobic local communities’ Fiona Cummins, bestselling author 'Utterly absorbing, I couldn't put this thrilling whodunnit down' C.L. Taylor Sunday Times bestselling author

A Short History of the Girl Next Door

  • Author : Jared Reck
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2018-12-24
  • Total pages :272
  • ISBN : 1524716103

Summary : After years of pining for the girl next door, 15-year-old Matthew Wainwright must deal with Tabby dating a popular senior just when he needs her most in this fiercely funny and heart-wrenching debut novel.

Death and the Girl Next Door

  • Author : Darynda Jones
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2012-10-02
  • Total pages :304
  • ISBN : 125001722X

Summary : Darynda Jones, author of The New York Times bestselling series that began with First Grave on the Right, brings us Death and the Girl Next Door, a thrilling Young Adult novel garnering high praise and early buzz from major authors Ten years ago, Lorelei's parents disappeared without a trace. Raised by her grandparents and leaning on the support of her best friends, Lorelei is finally beginning to accept the fact that her parents are never coming home. For Lorelei, life goes on. High school is not quite as painful as she thinks it will be, and things are as normal as they can be. Until the day the school's designated loner, Cameron Lusk, begins to stalk her, turning up where she least expects it, standing outside her house in the dark, night after night. Things get even more complicated when a new guy—terrifying, tough, sexy Jared Kovach—comes to school. Cameron and Jared instantly despise each other and Lorelei seems to be the reason for their animosity. What does Jared know about her parents? Why does Cameron tell Jared he can't have Lorelei? And what will any of them do when Death comes knocking for real? Thrilling, sassy, sexy, and inventive, Darynda Jones's first foray into the world of teens will leave readers eager for the next installment. "Unique, witty, and touching—I LOVED THIS BOOK!" —P.C. Cast, New York Times bestselling author of The House of Night Series

The Girl Next Door

  • Author : A J Rivers
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2020-02-26
  • Total pages :298
  • ISBN :

Summary : Complete silence filled the room until an unexpected sound brought Emma out of her slumber and into the mystery of the girl next door. Sherwood is a sleepy little town. A town full of friendly faces, and even friendlier neighbors. Which is why FBI agent Emma Griffin isn't surprised when her new neighbor starts stopping by to chat. Turns out her neighbor has a dark past and secrets that made her run. As much as Emma wished it wasn't true, dark past and secrets are things that she is far too familiar with, especially now more than ever. A chilling unknown filled the air of Sherwood, Virginia. Strange things are happening around Emma. Things that no one can explain, and many don't believe. And when Emma witnesses two figures hidden by sheer curtains, strangling a smaller figure. A figure she can only assume to be Ruby's. She becomes a witness to the murder of the girl next door. But what do you do when no one believes that the girl even existed? Emma's world starts to spin, and she begins to wonder... Is someone taunting her and taking lives to torment her? Or has she truly gone crazy? The Girl Next Door is the fourth book in the Emma Griffin Mystery series, it can be read as a standalone.

The Girl Next Door

  • Author : Lisa Aurello
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2018-05-10
  • Total pages :356
  • ISBN : 9781513618555

Summary : Am I a killer? The question haunts 25-year-old Jane Jensen. When she wakes up in the hospital after a devastating auto accident, she finds that her memory since ninth grade of high school has been wiped clean. As she heals, she begins to recover a memory here and there, and piece by piece, she tries to stitch it all together to restore the narrative of her identity. Regaining more of her lost memory has been stubbornly eluding her, but Jane is aware that she has gone from bullied, overweight schoolgirl to successful corporate work in the last several years. But when the wife of her teenage obsession gets killed in a professional hit, Jane makes yet another transition--to that of murder suspect. It's a situation that would be unbearable for anyone, but it's infinitely worse for Jane since she can't defend herself from the awful accusation for one major reason: Jane truly has no idea if she's innocent or guilty.

The Girl Next Door 2

  • Author : Chase Sidora
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2019-03-12
  • Total pages :233
  • ISBN : 1648543480

Summary : After finding love and losing it all in an instant, Jaysee Newsome is determined not to let one bad decision ruin her life. Despite some of her choices, Jaysee is still smart, pretty, and has a lot going for herself. However, when everyone she cares about turns their back on her, Jaysee decides that major changes need to be made before she steps into this next stage of her life. Back on familiar territory in New York, Gunny is living it up. He took a big L in Miami but is determined never to let another woman get as close to him as Jaysee had. That is until he reunites with an old flame. Cozy in a new situation, everything is derailed when the unfinished business he has with Jaysee resurfaces. Denise is new on the scene. She’s minding her business and trying to do her job when one of her students' father whisks into her life. She’s not even sure if she wants a man, but somehow, some way, she finds love in a hopeless place. Push has to win at all costs. Whether on the streets or in his personal life, he will always get what he wants. He’s one man who doesn’t know how to take no for an answer until he meets his match.

The Girl Next Door

  • Author : Augusta Huiell Seaman
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :1917
  • Total pages :260
  • ISBN :

Summary : Excerpt-MARCIA'S SECRET "Marcia Brett, do you mean to tell me—" "Tell you—what?" "That you've had a secret two whole months and never told me about it yet? And I'm your best friend!" "I was waiting till you came to the city, Janet. I wanted to tell you; I didn't want to write it." "Well, I've been in the city twelve hours, and you never said a word about it till just now." "But, Janet, we've been sight-seeing ever since you arrived. You can't very well tell secrets when you're sight-seeing, you know!" "Well, you might have given me a hint about it long ago. You know we've solemnly promised never to have any secrets from each other, and yet you've had one two whole months?" "No, Jan, I haven't had it quite as long as that. Honest! It didn't begin till quite a while after I came; in fact, not till about three or four weeks ago."

The Girl Next Door

  • Author : Patricia MacDonald
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2010-05-11
  • Total pages :384
  • ISBN : 9781439141052

Summary : Patricia MacDonald has won a worldwide audience of readers with her page-turning novels of domestic suspense that twist and turn with surprises. Now she presents a riveting thriller about a young woman who finds her life threatened when she returns to her picture-perfect suburban hometown where a brutal crime shattered her family when she was a teenager. The affluent town of Hoffman, New Jersey reeled in disbelief when highly esteemed physician Duncan Avery stabbed his wife Marsha to death one spring evening. The two Avery sons turned their backs on their father but his daughter Nina never stopped believing in his innocence. Now, fifteen years later, Nina, a struggling actress in New York City, returns to Hoffman when her father is paroled and insists on re-settling there. Not only does Dr. Avery want to repair his relationships with his sons and meet his grandchildren, he claims he wants to find out who killed his wife. But neither Nina's brother Patrick, a successful investment banker with a wife and twin sons, nor Jimmy, a recovering drug addict who has adopted a new family, can bear to acknowledge their father's return. Then, as suddenly as before, another act of violence overturns the Averys' lives. No longer certain if she can trust her family, her neighbors, or her old friends, Nina finds she can rely only on herself and a surprising new ally in her life as she searches for the truth behind crimes past and present. If she digs deep-down into the secrets of her family's and her neighbors' lives she stands a chance of catching a killer before she becomes his next victim. With psychologically perceptive characterizations, emotional realism, and a gripping story line, The Girl Next Door exposes the dark impulses and fierce passions that can rule seemingly ordinary people and showcases Patricia MacDonald at the height of her celebrated powers.

The Girl Next Door

  • Author : Ruth Rendell
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2014-11-04
  • Total pages :340
  • ISBN : 0385683340

Summary : The dazzling new novel from Ruth Rendell. When the bones of two severed hands are discovered in a box, an investigation into a long buried crime of passion begins. And a group of friends, who played together as children, begin to question their past. 'For Woody, anger was cold. Cold and slow. But once it had started it mounted gradually and he could think of nothing else. He knew he couldn't stay alive while those two were alive. Instead of sleeping, he lay awake in the dark and saw those hands. Anita's narrow white hand with the long nails painted pastel pink, the man's brown hand equally shapely, the fingers slightly splayed.' Before the advent of the Second World War, beneath the green meadows of Loughton, Essex, a dark network of tunnels has been dug. A group of children discover them. They play there. It becomes their secret place. Seventy years on, the world has changed. Developers have altered the rural landscape. Friends from a half-remembered world have married, died, grown sick, moved on or disappeared. Work on a new house called Warlock uncovers a grisly secret, buried a lifetime ago, and a weary detective, more preoccupied with current crimes, must investigate a possible case of murder. In all her novels, Ruth Rendell digs deep beneath the surface to investigate the secrets of the human psyche. The interconnecting tunnels of Loughton in THE GIRL NEXT DOOR lead to no single destination. But the relationships formed there, the incidents that occurred, exert a profound influence -- not only on the survivors but in unearthing the true nature of the mysterious past.

Not Just the Girl Next Door

  • Author : Stacy Connelly
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2019-03-01
  • Total pages :224
  • ISBN : 1488041881

Summary : Can she ever be more than this man’s best friend? His best buddy’s sister. Someone in need of protection. That’s how Zeke Harper has always seen animal trainer Mollie McFadden. He can’t cross the line, no matter how irresistible he finds the girl next door. Until a surprise kiss takes them beyond the bounds of friendship. Now Zeke wonders if this woman who opens her life to pets in need can find a place for him—in her heart!

The Girl Next Door

  • Author : Laurence Klavan
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :1991
  • Total pages :151
  • ISBN :

Summary : This play is set in Leveltown, Long Island, a suburb of New York City. The neighbors love to gossip and focus their attention on Jill, the neighborhood slut. Things get out of hand when they bulldoze Jill's house. Jill is killed in the process.

The Girl Next Door

  • Author : Cynthia Eden
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date :2018-07-01
  • Total pages :217
  • ISBN : 1488036845

Summary : Cooper Marshall pledges to protect his neighbor in this beloved story from New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden, but will he be able to keep his promise? When Gabrielle Harper’s gutsy investigative reporting attracts a serial killer, her new neighbor begins keeping an eye on her. But Cooper Marshall is more than his chiseled frame suggests. He is an Elite Operations Division specialist who thrives on adrenaline, who always takes risks, whose every instinct is geared to protect. Even if it means breaking cover. Gabrielle isn’t the sort to hole up in her Washington, D.C., walk-up, waiting to be the next victim. So when the time comes, he’ll throw her on the back of his motorcycle and ride with a vengeance to save her life. Until then, he’ll watch and wait, and try not to get carried away with attraction to the girl next door…. FREE BONUS STORY INCLUDED IN THIS VOLUME! In fan-favorite MISSING IN BLUE MESA by Cindi Myers, Michelle Munson infiltrates the cult led by “Prophet” Daniel Metwater to prove her sister’s murder. Having endured a tough life in foster care, she’s fiercely independent and distrustful of police. But when her baby disappears, she knows she’s come too close to learning Metwater’s secrets, and turns to Ranger Ethan Reynolds for justice. Facing down harrowing danger in Colorado’s wilderness, the resolute lawman fights to protect Michelle…and open her heart.